What is the Sunderland Residents Federation?

Sunderland Residents Federation (SRF) is the City wide organisation that represents all local tenants and Residents Associations. We work in partnership with Gentoo.

The meetings of the Federation are a supportive forum that brings together representatives from local Resident Associations and individual residents to share information, ideas and experiences to give residents a collective voice across the City of Sunderland.

We support and promote resident involvement both with the communities and Housing Services across the City.

We work to increase awareness and information about public and community Services which may benefit tenants and residents.

We have a constitution that sets out clearly how we work.

We are involved in the Sunderland Partnership as members of Sunderland Community Network

We are a member Organisation of the National Tenants Organisations.

  • T.A.R.O.E. - Tenants And Residents Organisations of England
  • T.P.A.S. - Tenants Participation Advisory Service